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Ansvery is an outsourced customer support service created in 2012.

During these years, we have developed personalized solutions for projects of various sizes and complexity, regardless of whether they are major developers or promising startups.

At the moment, Ansvery have multiple offices and a group of remote agents to cover the needs of any company. Also, we’re always ready to scale our team to provide even more flexibility.

Our ultimate goal is to build effective relationships between developers and users. We work hand in hand with clients to solve user problems and make sure that every single one of them is heard.

Ansvery specialists fully immerse into the project and study it from different angles.

We look at it both from the point of view of a customer support specialist and put ourselves in the users’ shoes to fully comprehend their wishes and emotions.

We help clients find their unique voice that will fit company’s image, inspire user loyalty and make you stand out from the competition.

The core values of Ansvery are empathy, personal approach and self-improvement.

We truly care about the quality of our work and we are proud that our clients trust us with their reputation. This is why we follow the latest support trends closely and are passionate about every supported product.

Make every user heard, boost your product engagement and retention!
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  • Anna Bashkirova
    Product owner

    For the past 9 years, Anna has been doing what she loves doing the most – developing a customer support outsourcing department. She strongly believes that everyone needs support.

  • Natalia Krylova
    Project Manager

    Natalia has been working at Ansvery since 2014, growing from a support agent to a project manager. She knows from the inside how customer support is organized and can build it from scratch, as well as set up a helpdesk system and communication with the client.

    She understands what users need and how to achieve it without prejudice to the developer.

  • Denis Klyanovkin
    Project Manager

    Denis has joined the company many moons ago ;-) Building, developing, training, retaining, and engaging the support team is his daily commitment.

    He works hard to make sure that our agents are empowered to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

  • Artem Zinovkin
    Project Manager

    Starting as a support agent, Artem became responsible for the whole support team in just two years.

    Artem's experience allows him to understand the general structure of support processes and organize them properly and comfortably both for clients and end-users.

  • Maria Filippova
    QA and Education Lead

    Maria has been a part of Ansvery support outsourcing team since 2018. She oversees support quality evaluation and studies how support performance influences customer success.

    She is also responsible for the company training program that helps support specialists improve their language and communication skills. She is always on the lookout for emerging customer service trends and occasionally writes articles on effective support strategies and practices.

  • Daria Mikhailova
    QA Strategist

    Daria joined Ansvery in 2015. As an agent, she never dropped the quality ball and could find a successful aproach to any user. As a QA Strategist, she is a valued advisor to the current team of agents, a successful communicator and a shrewed creator of quality procedures.

  • Anna Kuznetsova
    QA Strategist

    Anna started her career in customer support in 2012. Her work as a support agent with a number of different clients through years has provided her with the ability to look deep into the structure of the support process and create strategies for ensuring its quality.

  • Evgeniya Korulina
    HR Manager

    With marketing and translator degrees, Evgeniya started her journey at Ansvery as a customer support agent.

    For five years she had enjoyed helping customers, participating in various projects and helping other agents sharpen their skills.

    In 2020 she moved her career in a new direction and became HR manager.

  • Natalia Boyarshinova
    HR Manager

    Natalia has been with Ansvery for over a year. She loves and cares for every team member.

    Natalia supports team spirit, organizes educational and entertaining activities, maintains comfort in the office. Hobbies: run and wine.