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Why Outsourcing Customer Support Can Be Great for Your Business

A decision to share responsibility for your service with another company may not always be an easy one. There are so many things to consider: when to start outsourcing, how to make it work the best, and, of course, which vendor to choose.

We have prepared a list of questions that might occupy your mind and comprehensive answers to these queries. We also offer compelling reasons why it is Ansvery you should choose to fulfill your needs.

Here we go!

When do I need to outsource customer support?

When you are just starting

If you have just formed your company or released a new product, you have got a lot on your plate, for sure. You constantly think about your product development, business strategy, marketing, user acquisition – the list never ends. So, outsourcing support means lifting one intricate thing off your shoulders.

Ansvery can run an effective support department for you, having created it from scratch. We have serviced projects during alpha, beta, and soft launch, and we understand how to operate best in each of these stages. We’ll select the agents that will suit your project, help you choose and set up a helpdesk, organize effective work processes, and devise a unique communication style to enchant your users.

When you are growing

If your project is becoming more popular, the influx of customers may increase every month. So you’ll need a tested strategy and tools to manage the flow effectively.

Ansvery has got years of experience that have taught us the best ways to streamline support operations. Powerful technological tools allow our agents to be much more efficient and deal with growing numbers of requests without sacrificing quality.

When you already have a large business

Perhaps, your operations are already extensive, but you want to reach even further, enter new markets, and provide support in a new language. Or, perhaps, a fresh release has created a surge of activity that you wish to cover without overly growing your in-house team. Or maybe you would like to delegate more routine requests and keep only your most valued users to yourself. Or it is the other way round – you concentrate on the volume of the incoming requests, but you want your VIP users to get the most special attention. 

Ansvery can act as the first or second-tier support, help you deal with the growing number of user requests, and catch up on the backlog. We can help you streamline your processes, explore fresh cultural and language opportunities, and provide the best of care to your premium users.

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Why do I need to outsource?

For the same reason you trust an eye care professional to look after your eyes.

A support outsourcing company is a provider with specialized expertise who devotes their time and efforts to one particular subject. They are the ones who have practiced one kick 10,000 times and become extremely proficient in it.

At Ansvery, we know our field and follow the latest support and customer success trends. We have studied various helpdesks, developed special algorithms and tools that help make support processes more efficient. Our specialists have tested and mastered effective communication methods that allow them to satisfy your customers. Our support agents have had lots of practice, and they know how to handle themselves in the most complicated situations.

Isn’t it too difficult to start outsourcing a part of my operations?

On the contrary, Ansvery has everything in place already. We know how to identify your objectives, how to estimate the workload and calculate the required capacity, how to organize an easy transition and set up all the processes quickly and efficiently.

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outsource customer support

I’ve heard so many stories about outsourced support centers. Yes, they save you money, but they sacrifice the quality of responses.

Ansvery’s mission is to uphold the quality of the service. We strongly believe that good support helps create loyal customers, and loyal customers bring more profit. So, by ensuring a quality experience for your players or users, we certainly have your best interests at heart.

Our Quality Assurance department has all the necessary tools and passion to keep the quality of our agents’ work at the highest possible level. At the same time, a specially designed training and coaching programme allows our specialists to improve their hard and soft skills non-stop and give your customers exactly what they need at each moment.

Will an outsourced support service have enough knowledge of my product to do it justice?

Our specialists gain detailed knowledge of your project as an obligatory part of their training. So, when they start working with it, they know your game or app inside out, and can maintain a knowledge base both for internal use and for the customers.

Will another company embrace our brand voice?

Absolutely. We at Ansvery see support as an essential part of the brand experience for the customer. This is why we make sure that your brand voice comes through in all our dialogues with your users or players. Our agents invariably stick to the tone of conversation of your choosing. We can even help you work out how your brand voice should reflect in support communications if you are having any doubts.

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How will I keep track of what’s going on in my project? Will I still be in touch with my users?

We can assure you that we are always here whenever you need an update – ready to provide all the necessary statistics and reports. We view our collaboration with our clients as a partnership where all sides remain in constant contact.

Our experienced agents know how to collect, group, and present customer feedback, so not only do you remain connected but also get a better understanding of your players or users.

So… should I outsource my support service?

We believe so, yes! Of course, we are not precisely impartial :) But we are also a highly professional team that provides cost-effective service and guarantees quality and efficiency. We will save you time and resources you could have spent on building or expanding your in-house team. And at the same time, our trained and knowledgeable professionals will ensure loyalty-inspiring communication with your customers. So, you absolutely should drop us a line and discuss all available options with our charming representatives.

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